Psychotherapy & Counselling can help you with...

Communication & Assertiveness
Cultural Adjustment
Eating & Body Image Issues
Emotional Support
Family of Origin
Grief & Loss
Life Transitions
Personal Growth
Separation & Divorce
Stress Management

Counselling & Psychotherapy

Leeann Mahlo

*Counselling is particularly helpful when facing the challenges of life, perhaps a specific issue or event, a relationship difficulty, or an area of life that is not satisfying. Many individuals, couples and families find relief, hope and courage through the extra support counselling provides. They gain clarity and a new perspective, and are able to move through their situation in new ways toward resolution. 

*Psychotherapy offers a deeper exploration of a persons life and their experiences. We are all shaped by the experiences we have along the way and we develop patterns of behaviour and thought. These, in turn, shape the way we perceive and respond to life around us. Some of these patterns lead to success, some have quite the opposite effect. Through exploration of who we are and how we interact with the world around us, we can release past burdens that may cloud our vision and come to new understandings, resulting in profound shifts of perception and more satisfying outcomes.

*Gestalt Therapy is a present-centered, experiential and relational approach that offers respect for the whole person within the context of their broader life and environment.  At the heart of gestalt therapy is the aim of expanding and deepening awareness in order to facilitate personal growth and well-being. In particular, our present and immediate experience (here-and-now) is emphasised over talking about and interpreting the past, with the assumption that all of our past experiences are somehow contained and/or alive within the present. Creative experimentation arising from within the therapeutic process is a dynamic and powerful feature of gestalt therapy.

No matter what your initial reason for coming, therapy is a valuable process of self-discovery where you can expect to gain new awareness and understanding about how to create the life that you want.